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Become a Company Partner

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of Michigan created the ECE Expedition program in an effort to provide students with a VIP experience. The purpose is for students to learn about the daily lives of electrical and computer engineers, types of projects they can expect in different fields, and various companies they may or may not have considered as career options. The program was created with the following goals in mind: 

Generate exposure and understanding to what opportunities are available for those studying electrical and computer engineering post-graduation Allow students to see the day-to-day operations of an engineering company to fully prepare for their first job post graduation Provide an in depth look at the various aspects of companies employing ECE students – research, company size, culture, etc. 

Since establishing the program in Fall 2016, Michigan ECE has hosted two ECE Expeditions annually, one national and one local. Students experience a behind-the-scenes look into various industries through employer site visits and networking events. Our Expeditions have included:

  • Lab tours
  • Product demos
  • Expert panels
  • Group activities/discussions
  • Info presentations on company and opportunities
  • Mixer with alumni and/or industry professionals
  • Networking dinners

Company Benefits:

  • Access to Michigan’s “Best and Brightest”
  • Encourage potential research collaboration opportunities 
  • Nurture student interest in careers within your company and industry
  • Brand your company, highlight its technology, culture, and career opportunities
  • Provide firsthand advice to a new generation of engineers to ensure they are competitive during the hiring process 
  • Advance your reputation as a supporter of education and engaged community member
  • Create a pipeline for interns or hires
  • Direct access to Michigan faculty and students through our Alumni & Corporate Relations Manager

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